Manufacturer Testing

As the manufacturer of End2End Covers, we follow stringent guidelines in production with ongoing inspection compliance with UL labs for energy efficiency [CEC Title 20].  UL Labs [Project Number 4788881992] was completed on 3.17.2019 with a pass/compliance.

CEC Title 20: Per Section 1605.3(g)(6)(B), the normalized standby power (Pnorm), as defined in Table G-3, manufactured on or after June 1, 2019, is not greater than calculated standby power (3.75(V2/3)+40) watts, where V = the fill volume, in gallons.  

Calculated Standby Power (3.75(V2/3) + 40) W: 587.68 
Normalized Standby Power (Pnorm): 566.20 Watts (W) 
Thermal Information:  We all have a general understanding of the insulation R-Rating System.
R-Rating is a measure of how a material resists the flow of heat through that material. There are now many superior, heat-retaining materials available to insulate these days instead of the 50-year-old hot tub style design with thick foam covers.

We have tested the E2E Swim Spa Cover against the R-19 foam cover. The E2E Swim Spa Cover outperformed the R-19 foam cover in climate control test chambers, saving customers daily energy consumption and costs.

The reasons for this, which link directly to the materials used in the designed of the End 2 End Swim Spa Covers®.

  • The E2E Cover’s one-piece system, locks in heat vapor which stops convective heat loss. There are no sections or seams for heat loss like on an outdated conventional hot tub style cover.
  • Air trapped in our multi-layered cover stops conductive heat loss.
  • We use a full layer of barrier to reflect heat waves back into the water.
  • We use a one-piece thermal insulation blanket which does not absorb water.

These factors, locking in the heat vapor, air entrapment within the cover. plus reflecting heat waves back to the water is why we outperform the other cover systems.

The E2E Cover® provides consumers energy efficiency, one-person ease of use, and longevity.


The following testimonials extracted from the from the E2E Website are from customers who have purchased an E2E Swim Spa Cover and have commented on the thermal benefits gained from the E2E Swim Spa Cover.

There are many other testimonials received from customers on our website under the Testimonials webpage.

The link below will take you there.

Thank you for making this a great experience. I was a little doubtful of buying an item like this over the internet without actually seeing it. It is everything that End 2 End says. A great cover and easy to install.
Tom & Cathy Plunkett

I’m writing to tell you we absolutely LOVE our end 2 end cover. It’s outstanding. We are using our swim spa so much more because of it, the water is cleaner than ever before (nothing is falling in from the trees above) and I believe we are saving on energy costs. It is so easy to use. It’s a real pleasure. It fits perfectly and looks so much better than the awful cover we had before. You really have developed a quality product that solves all of the issues we had with our previous cover.
Thank you! I couldn’t be happier!
Debbie Cavalier

At this point I can attest to the following: Your ordering process is excellent. The cover was shipped on time. The shipping carrier was on time and helpful. The quality of the cover is excellent.
The heater does not keep running to keep the temperature at the set point–in fact we had to decrease the set temp point when we use it for exercising.
And your sending me a confirmation that my warranty was received is yet another example of your quality processes. Again thank you!
Jenni Lee Robins

The cover was easy to install, robust and pleasant looking, and extremely easy to use as well as being space saving as it rolls back easily sitting on the end of the pool.
Its insulating properties are superb, so we need to use minimum power to keep the heat stable.
It has been a pleasure to deal with your company.
B Gratt