Hi my name is Leanne I received my cover today and I just want to say a big thank you for an amazing job, I am in love with the cover it is now so easy for me to put the top on and off my self I just love it, ❤️ thanks again!

Leanne Kelly…Australia

Andrew kept me informed from the day I placed my order. Both Andrew and Joshua were terrific on the day of delivery and install.
It was so good to get into my pool the next morning. So easy to remove cover, have my wonderful swim relax and was super easy to cover the pool again.

Thanks for a good quality product and professional and friendly Andrew Kind Regards


Cheers, Nicki

We have had our Vortex Aquagym Max swim spa since 2011 and whilst we love it, we had fallen out of love with the cover! It was faded, waterlogged, heavy & hard to move and the velcro fastening no longer worked so we were losing heat and debris and rain water was getting into the pool.

We started looking at new covers (this would be the third one in 6 years!) and found End2End online, so we got a quote. At first I was a little taken aback at the price as it worked out to be three times the amount of replacing the conventional cover, however if we got another conventional one, we’d only have to replace it again in two years time, and keep replacing it moving forward. When we did the math, investing in this cover made perfect financial sense.

There was still some concern though with paying up front and waiting for our cover to come from overseas. We had heaps of questions, and during the ordering and measuring process Andrew from Arctic Spas Downunder was incredibly helpful and patient.

Now our new cover is in place our concerns have been completely alleviated. The cover fits perfectly, it looks fantastic and will never fade, and it is so easy to open and close. It sits neatly at the end of the spa and there are no massive covers propped against the walls to look at while we swim.

The first time we got in the pool after it had been in place for 24 hours we were shocked at how hot the water was. We hadn’t realised just how much heat the old cover was letting out, and consequently how much electricity our inverter would be using just to keep the pool temperature up. And there was no debris or rainwater getting in anymore. So excited now to see how this impacts our power bill in the future.
Cannot recommend this cover enough.

Thanks so much Andrew.

John & Nicki Matakaiongo, Carlingford, NSW

We have just installed an End 2 End Swim Spa Cover, bought through Andrew from Arctic Spas Australia. From the very first phone call, through to receiving and installing the cover, Andrew has been there to help. Andrew helped us feel comfortable and confident about making this large purchase, sight unseen. He made himself available to answer all our questions, and even went out of his way to assist with questions about the use of our spa which were not directly related to the cover. I would not hesitate to recommend this spa cover to anyone, and certainly would recommend using Andrew from Arctic Spas as the dealer to employ.

Sue Wilson

I recently purchased an End 2 End Cover for my swim spa. It was more expensive than the conventional swim spa covers available in Australia, so it was a difficult decision. But I was impressed with the product and especially liked that your distributor here, Andrew Villella from Arctic Spas Down Under not only took the time to explain the benefits but put me in contact with a customer of his, so I could go and see the cover in action. This made a huge difference.

I was terrified of messing up the measuring and Andrew walked me through it, sent me details to assist and generally put up with me asking a thousand questions.

He kept in touch with me regarding the progress of the order and now that I have it in place (and LOVE it!) he continues to stay in touch and provide advice on the spa in general.

Great customer service is something that is expected in North America, but is seriously lacking here in Australia. And it is great that you have a distributor who understands what it means.


Toni Hamilton

Best purchase ever. This cover makes it way more likely that I will use this swim spa all winter! There is no comparison to the cover that came with the spa.


You may be this best company I have ever have ordered from. Sales, order entry, production, shipping, billing, you name it. Great follow up and quality product. It has been a pleasure!

Frank Tarantino

I would like you to know, that I love my cover!!!

First Thank you so much for being on top of every movement in the procedure of having it shipped to our house. Second, that the product is everything that you guys told me it would be.

It was very nice doing business with your company and I will certainly recommend your company with our friends.

Thanks again,
Dorine Boelen

The cover arrived on Friday, with no problems.  It fits PERFECTLY!! Quality & construction is great. My wife says she can open and close it by herself with ease.
John Eastburn
MP Force/Master Spas

We recently purchased a End 2 End swim spa cover. We looked at various options but kept coming back to the End 2 End cover.  Installation of the cover was easy.  The cover is awesome. My spa has never had so much use. It used to be a chore to get the old waterlogged foam covers off. Now its a 1 person operation, making having a spa a fun activity again.

Thanks again for such a great product & service.

Luke Cartwright

This cover is wonderful. We enjoy our swim spa even more now that we purchased an E2E cover. Your service is above and beyond our expectations.

Lou Spina…Port Ewen, NY

Totally awesome cover.  I’ve been using it for about a week and it keeps the heat in as well or better than the old cover. But the best, the very best, thing about the cover is how easy it is to use.  I use to struggle taking the old one off, and then especially putting the old cover back on.  Not any more.  Thank you E2E !!!

John Mincieli

The cover arrived as promised and was an easy installation thanks to the clear instructions.  I am eager to get out and start using it!  Thanks for a great purchasing experience.

Mitch Frazier

Thank you very much. We are certainly enjoying our swim spa and especially the swim spa cover. It is so easy to roll it up when swimming and then roll it back down when not in use! We are in 7th Heaven! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Steve and Naomi Lopes

Thank you for making this a great experience. I was a little doubtful of buying an item like this over the internet without actually seeing it. It is everything that End 2 End says. A great cover and easy to install.

Tom & Cathy Plunkett

I just LOVE this cover! The old nasty hot tub covers were heavy and an eyesore. This New E2E cover makes my life so much easier! I am able to get in and roll it up with no help! It is very attractive and makes my back area so top notch! High Quality and strong! Thank you for offering such a superb product!

Diana Looney

Love the cover so far! Easy to open and close. Perfect brown color for swim spa.

Oakley McKinney

I recently purchased a cover from you, referencing Quote #14264. I received it Thursday 8/11 with the crate in good condition. I did not get to install it until 8/13.

My wife loves the cover unit, so that is the “Seal Of Approval”. I filed the warranty online so you can see the pictures there.

I want to thank you for making a good quality product (actually made in the USA). And the staff I talked to during the purchasing and shipping were very nice.

Again, my wife is thoroughly pleased with the spa cover. She can easily roll the unit back by herself. As for myself, I love the quality/craftsmanship. The entire unit fits correctly and will be a benefit in keeping the mountain dust and pollen out of the spa water and I love the dome design which will be a benefit this winter when the snow arrives.

Thanks again. If I encounter other people needing a cover, I will definitely direct them to your company.

Scott Michael

It fits perfect and everything went as promised with the shipping and delivery.  Cover was packed and wrapped perfectly.  I am very pleased with the ease of use and now I can enjoy my swim spa when I want to use it without any body else around to help open the cover.

Diane Wolfe

I recently purchased an end2end cover for my 19 foot PDC Swim Spa model FX-219 through my spa dealer. I am very happy with the End 2 End Cover. It is so much easier than the bulky regular cover.

Thank you,

Rich Witterschein